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The time is NOW to get REAL about creating the life you desire. Be ENLIGHTENED, EQUIPPED, and EMPOWERED to accomplish your personal and professional goals!

I support women emerging leaders that desire to be successful by helping them figure out how to create the life they desire. Specializing in lifestyle coaching, combining leadership coaching, career coaching, and health coaching into my practice. I know the unique challenges and barriers that often hold a woman back from reaching her goals and want to inspire women to live their best, most purpose-filled life! 

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“When I learned that Jacquie was coaching, I immediately reached out to her. I always admired her leadership skills when we worked together and felt she would be influential, providing extremely useful feedback to allow me to grow. Most importantly, I knew she had the skills to support and help me build confidence/leadership presence at work. With every call, she would ask for my successes at work. We would work on a challenge or two from the prior week too. During the time with her, she would help me to realize my full potential and abilities that I was not leveraging. I quickly realized it was all to my mindset. The practical tips and advice that she would share during a session enabled me to take giant strides and to see things that I didn’t see clearly before. I always know Jacquie is there for me to listen and care of me. Her desire is for me to reach my personal and professional goals, ultimately living a very fulfilled life!”

A leader unleashed!

“Learning the Cycle of Merchandising methodology from Jacquie allowed me to understand my business quickly and to immerse myself into all aspects of merchandising. I was able to accelerate the growth of my business within the year. Also, it was a tool that I was able to transfer and teach to others on my team. I got promoted to Senior Buyer within a year and half.”   Steven Diorio, Sr.Buyer, JC Penney


Building future merchants

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